Written By: May Torres

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” John Wooden, Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach

This week we take a look into the lives of two sisters whose passion and persistence in the sport of wall ball (handball) earned them city-wide recognition. They are champions many times over but more importantly they are polite, well-mannered and humble on and off the court. They have a strong foundation at home and an unbreakable bond between each other which translates into the chemistry they share during competition. Congratulations to our new Players of the Week, Shkysi and Shnae Cummings!

Shkysi and Shnae were born in Brooklyn, New York and shortly after moved to St. Albans, Queens, New York at a very young age. The sisters would go to the local courts with their parents and watch them play wall ball together which fostered their love for game around 8 years of age. By 2012, their Mother and biggest supporter Donna Cummings began to train the sisters by guiding their natural skill set and giving them advice on positioning and working together as a team. This quickly gave them an advantage once they entered an organized team at Bay Side High School. Theories of positive youth development stress the importance of sport in acquiring skills that are beneficial in other domains (e.g., school, family, work) that lead to better adaptive skills. This could not be more evident as Shkysi has managed to earn enough credits to graduate as a junior, one year ahead of her peers as well as winning two championships and being recognized as MVP in the Public School Athletic League (PSAL). Her younger sister Shnae has also accomplished some great things in just her first year of high school. As a freshman, she was also chosen as PSAL’s MVP as well as earning a championship title for her team.

Their passion for the sport of wall ball (handball) is what keeps them motivated to do what’s right in school and outside of school. “We’d rather go outside and play ‘wall ball’ rather than stay home not doing anything” said Shkysi. Today we shine a spotlight on well-deserved Players of the Week, Shkysi Cummings and Shnae Cummings and hope they continue to strive for greatness!