Sam “Clutch” Sanford takes on many titles, musician, entrepreneur, wallball champ but most important is his role as a father. Married with 4 children, Sam is the rock of strength that his family relies on, especially since the passing of his father. Sams father suffered a fatal heart attack 4 years ago. Sam and his father were close, his dad taught him how to play the drums at 5 years old. Although Sam was in pain from his loss, he remained strong for the rest of his family to lean on. Playing wallball helped Sam through that rough time. “I had to be strong for everybody else so I held a lot in. I would just play wallball to clear my head and not break down. You can’t break when you’re the head of the family” Sam said. 

Sam’s love for wallball began at 16 years old on a court with half a wall in the North East Wyoming section of Philadelphia. His competitive nature is what spurred him to keep playing. “I didn’t love to play at first but my friend told me I would never beat him so I kept playing and then I fell in love” Sam says. Sam comes from an era when there was no handball courts in Philadelphia. Over the years Sam has traveled to New York 2 times a week to play the top competition. His dedication has paid off, today he is one of only two “A” Players from Philly. 

Today Sam is 34 years old, he is a top tier wallball athlete and an inspiration for young players, especially in Philly. “Philly guys are hungry we play for our city so we give it all everytime we play.”