Written by: Matt Mantro

This week’s player of the week is Moses “Moe” Moya who, along with his partner, Solo, is the champion of the third annual Step-Up doubles tournament, held at Phipps Park in West Palm Beach, Florida on August 27, 2016.

As is true with many Florida players, Moe hails from NYC where he began playing wallball “handball” with his uncles in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn.  What began as a recreational game grew into a lifelong passion and Moe credits such players as Ray Lopez and Willie Polanco, (both of whom played at his local park) as his wallball mentors.  Moe played throughout his teen years and actually met his wife, Esmerelda (“Amy”) on the wallball courts in 1996.  In 2003 they relocated to Florida.

Finding no wallball scene after the move, he took five years off and focused on working and taking care of his family in the Sunshine State.  A chance encounter with a wallball player who was also from New York led him to the courts in West Palm Beach where he began playing again in 2008.  He was instantly hooked and began working hard to regain his proper form.

Dubbed “Moe Chedda”, Moe has long been regarded as one of Florida’s best players.  Although plagued with knee injuries, he is no quitter and continues to play in all of the major tournaments in Florida.  He was recently in NYC where he played in the invitation only Buddha Memorial Tournament.

Moe has recently started the H4L movement (“Handball 4 Life”) in West Palm Beach, in an effort to promote the sport in West Palm Beach, where the wallball scene seemed to be dwindling.  Through his efforts, Phipps Park has seen a resurgence of activity with new players, which ultimately led the organizers of the Step-Up Tournament to choose Phipps Park as the event location.

This week we congratulate Moe on his tournament success and keeping wallball alive in West Palm Beach Florida!


Moses Moya 1