This week we’d like to recognize and congratulate Mikey Mendoza!

Mikey is a young pro athlete in the sport of Puerto Rican descent straight out of The Bronx. Fresh off a win this weekend taking 1st place in an A/B Doubles tournament, and being interviewed by Bronx News 12 yesterday where he was discussing the importance of health and accessible sports, he has a lot to be proud of.

Playing the sport since he was 16 years old, at 23 he’s accomplished what many Handball players want to accomplish: Becoming an Open Pro player. He grew up playing in Rosedale Park, but like many before him, Castle Hill is where he made a name for himself.

Between ages 17-19 he felt that he was out of shape, wasn’t physically fit to compete, and he decided to do something about it. Doing mostly body weight training and a lot of biking, he began working on his physique to enable himself to become a top player. Another key change he mentioned, he corrected his diet. Basically eliminating all junk food, fried food, soda and reducing his portions. The steps future champions take to ascend to those heights.

Off court Mikey is currently working full time.
He has completed one year at Hostos Community College but recently decided to take some time off to figure out which direction he wants to take in his studies.
He’s looking to return to college within a year’s time or so.

So what’s next for Mikey? Pretty much anything he sets his mind to. In talking to him, I can hear the conviction in his words. I can hear the determination and the hard work that he has put in to achieve his goals. Running through the B (Amateur) division from 2013-2015, winning A/B’s as both an A and B player, he now wants to position himself as one of the top 3 Pro athletes in the sport. It’s very difficult to stop an athlete with tremendous drive and passion. We look forward to watching Mikey continue his journey and work his way into the top 3 slot!