27 year old Miguel Mendez who is also known as “Miggz,” is one of NYC’s fastest rising wallball athletes of the new generation. Miggz has climbed his way up from 3rd place in the 2016 King of the Court (KOTC) handball tournament to 2nd place this year. Introduced to wallball by his brother at the age of 17, he began to train for days on end at his home park, St. Marys Park in the Bronx while maintaining a full time job. Miggz’s dedication and love for the sport has played a big part in his growth both on and off the court and we think it’s about time we celebrated his uprising! Congratulations to our new Player of the Week – Miguel “Miggz” Mendez! 


1. What is it about wallball that keeps you interested the sport?

Wallball has basically kept me off the streets. It’s a great distraction. It also keeps me in good health. I don’t smoke and drink anymore so instead I do a log of jogging to prepare for games and tournaments.

2. Who is your biggest motivator to continue to play handball and stay in good health?

My kids are my biggest motivation. As far as wallball goes, my motivation is my biggest competition which is Timbo. The reason I say that is because he has excelled in all aspects of the sport, not just one-wall. Also, being sponsored to play the game you love is every wallball players dream. I hope to achieve that some day too.

3. How did you manage to out-perform yourself this year compared to last year at KOTC? 

I trained as hard as I could. I work 6 days out of the week but I always find time to train for wallball 4 days a week at St. Mary’s Park. 

4. How did it feel to be in the finals and playing against the #1 player in the world?

It felt really good but to be honest I got nervous and wasn’t able to play my game.

5. If you can give advice to any upcoming wallball players, what would it be?

Focus on the game of life don’t make wallball your life. It will always be there when you want it to be. Too many people get caught up in the game and loose their way. Wallball is an escape for most to forget about the real world and have fun and that’s all it should be. Get an education, build for your future and compete when you have spare time.