Every week we celebrate some of the greatest athletes in our sport by highlighting their efforts on-and-off the court. This week we are focusing on an individual who is not an active player but a true force in Wallball’s international growth – Eco Coach Geert Vandervelden!


For those who may be unfamiliar with Geert, he is the recently re-elected President of the Wallball Pro Tour in Europe. For those of you who think are unfamiliar with the European Pro Wallball Tour, these past 2 weeks just completed two of their largest events – the Belgian and Dutch Open. These events brought out and have been bringing out some of the best players from across Europe and North America.

Geert fell in love with Wallball in 2003; Buizingen, a small village in Belgium, had a group of young players attempting a version of a ball-hand sport that he knew well, Llargues, but against a Wall indoors. After watching for a few minutes, he saw how much enjoyment the game brought to the kids and decided that this will be the sport of the future. Since then, his passion and love for the game has grown every year.


Since his introduction to the sport in 2003, Geert has done everything in his power to progress the sport forward. From building courts in his local town, bringing in top players from around the world to local European events, to eventually becoming the President of the European Pro Wallball Tour, below are some Geert’s contribution to the sport of Wallball:

  • Belgian National Coach 2008 – 2012
  • Killshot Club Coach 2010 – Present
  • Dutch National Coach 2012 – Present
  • President of the European Wallball Pro Tour 2015 – Present


Geert Vandervelden, aka ‘Mr. President’, we thank you for everything you have done for Wallball and are truly honored to have someone as passionate as yourself leading efforts for this sport’s growth around the world!