This week we’d like to recognize a young enthusiastic athlete by the name of Eric Reyes. At the age of 18 Eric is quickly creating his mark in the NYC wall ball (handball) community as an amateur player. Eric first started playing wall ball at his home courts of Knickerbocker park located in Brooklyn, New York. Reyes built the foundation of his game by playing the older and more experienced players in his park. According to Eric, wall ball has been an after school sport that he played just for fun and recreation.

Although Reyes never considered the sport of wall ball a serious means of competition, the local players encouraged him to take his talents serious. It was then that he decided to train and develop a more competitive edge. Reyes set out to test himself physically and mentally against some of the biggest names in the sport such as Pro Red Bull athlete Timbo Gonzalez by both teaming up with him in a tournament and playing against him as a competitor. As an amateur player Eric has already proven he can hang with and even dominate the best in his division and has his eyes set on future domination within the pro division. Reyes has already opened up the 2016 wall ball season with three amateur doubles titles and two pro/amateur doubles titles.

In addition to the current  titles Reyes has claimed for the 2016 season he is looking forward to obtaining a college degree. One of Eric’s biggest supporters is his mother, Margarita LeBron who manages to be present at almost all competitions. According to Reyes, single player events are what determines the real athlete. One on one. He prefers to be on the court by himself against one other opponent as opposed to playing with a partner. We wish him much success on and off the court and look forward to seeing his performance in the Singles (B) Amateur Division at this year’s Red Bull Slaps Wall Ball Tournament.

Congratulations to our new Player of the Week – Eric Reyes!

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