In a relatively short amount of time Dan Pitre has become one of the top junior wall ball (handball) players in New York City. Although only 17 years old, Dan possesses a humble and self-motivated mindset that has quickly earned him recognition and respect on the court. Dan first started playing wall ball at Martinez Park located in Brooklyn where he would watch his Father play for hours on end. Around 13 years of age his Father began to teach him the rules and core principles of the game. Eventually, Dan began to travel to the famous West 4th Street Courts aka “The Cage” to play against more experienced players. In the process he met Rookie, who is one of the most famed wall ball players in New York. Rookie soon started to train Dan by encouraging him to play in the toughest games so he could learn how to handle pressure which proved helpful during his biggest challenges.

Dan is currently attending Grover Cleveland High school as a senior; nonetheless he manages his time commensurably between training and school work. There is not a day that has gone by in which he does not hit the courts and given the opportunity he’ll challenge the best in the park. “I don’t care if I have no chance of winning, I’ll still play them so that I can get better” said Dan. “No one supports me like my Dad. He’s the reason why I can even go to tournaments. He pays for my traveling, tournament fees, and my sneakers. I owe it to him to win.”

His determination to be the best wall ball player has greatly influenced him in a positive way; “It kept me active and away from doing drugs because I knew if I wanted to be the best, doing drugs would prevent me from accomplishing that. I’ve kept myself clear from any drugs or bad influences and plan to do so my whole life” says Dan. He is set to graduate from High School this month and plans to further his academic studies by attending Kingsborough Community College in order to pursue his dream of opening a sports facility. “I love sports and giving people who love sports just as much as I do a place to play is my lifetime goal.”

We look forward to watching Dan climb the ranks of NYC greats and wish him luck in defending his title as the National Prince of the Courts this August in his hometown of Brooklyn. Congratulations to our new Player of the Week – Dan Pitre!