All of our stories are different. Family and sports play a big part in our survival. As a little girl, Crystal Ruiz wanted to be like her big brother who was very involved with sports at the time. Growing up in Brooklyn with three brothers, she developed a love for sports as well as a fierce competitive spirit. Following her older brother at the age of 12, she began to play Wallball at Adelphi park. She played on her high school basketball team and traveled to different parks in New York City to hone her Wallball skills.
At 20 years old, Crystal began competing in Wallball tournaments. After five years, she earned several tournament wins and was soon recognized as one of the best female players in the game. With years of experience and much respect for the game, she is still a student of Wallball. Crystal says she admires “Timbo” for his ability to control the ball with both hands as well as Tywan’s humble demeanor and unique style of play, “Los” for his hunger and drive and Jenny Qu for having some of every good quality you need to be good at Wallball.
Crystal has high hopes for Wallball and wants to see the sport on a bigger platform. “Both men and women Wallball players are incredible athletes. Once we get the exposure we need I feel things will fall into place, and when it does I want to be a part of it.”
Truly a beautiful person inside and out, Crystal has a bright future. She is raising a 4-year-old son, working full time and is still getting busy on the court. We are looking forward to seeing more of our Player of the Week in the upcoming year of 2018! Congratulations Crystal Ruiz!