Player of the Week – Corey Palmer

Corey Palmer was born and raised with his two older brothers and younger sister in Suffolk County Long Island. At a young age, his parents divorced and if that wasn’t hard enough, his father passed away when he was just 12 years old. Corey watched his father work hard as a skilled trade professional. “My father taught me to set goals and go after what you want in life” Corey said. 
Corey played baseball as a kid and went on to play the pitcher position on his High School baseball team his freshman and sophomore year. In the 11th grade, Corey stopped playing High School baseball and transferred to Trade School. As a young man, Corey made a mature decision to sacrifice sports and pursue a professional career as a HVAC Technician. Around that same time he found himself in Sayville Park, located in Long Island, being schooled in wallball by the likes of Wallace Lopez and Bruce Harris to mention a few. “When I first started playing my goal was to become an “A” player, so I dedicated myself to the sport” Corey says.
Upon graduating High School, Corey landed a spot in the Local 638 Steamfitters Union. Today, Corey is 23 years old, has a great job as an HVAC Technician and is in a healthy relationship with his girlfriend of 10 years. Corey has also graduated to an “A” player with his good friend and teammate Surfer Corey and is looking to win an opens doubles tournament this year.
“This game has taught me there are no limitations when you are willing to put the work in.” 
Congratulations to our Player of the Week Corey Palmer!