Mens Open Doubles – Allan Sanchez & Timbo Gonzalez



We interviewed one of the grand champions, Allan Sanchez, who has recently won his 3rd consecutive win for the Buddha Memorial Tournament with his annual partner , Timothy Gonzalez.


What is your home park and how were you introduced to Wallball?

“My home park is in Elmhurst, Queens and I was introduced to Wallball through a cousin of mine.”


Who was your toughest opponent?

“My toughest opponent in the tournament was Tavo and Los. They both have a lot of heart and were very determined to beat us.”


What’s your strategy with Timbo that has helped you guys win the Buddha tournament for the 3rd time in a row?

“My strategy with Timbo is to play defensive and create offense for him. Also, I need to stay steady and always keep my head in the game.”


How does it feel to be the champ for the third time in a row?

“Always feels great to win big events. This one means a lot more to me because its a memorial for a friend of mine growing up.”


Who was your biggest motivator for this tournament?

“My family always comes out to support me which makes me play harder. The negative comments also play a huge part in my motivation. also I feel like a old man compared to these younger guys so I need to leave some type of legacy in this game.”