“I have a little girl, she made me a better man I don’t have to be so cold hearted about everything. She is my life.”

What’s important in life changes as we grow and learn. Simultaneously fatherhood has changed Anthony Diaz’s life for the better. These days, he lives for his 2 year old daughter Savannah. As a child growing up in the Bronx, Anthony wasnt a fan of wallball until the age of 11 when he saw his father play for the first time. His actions influenced Anthony and now at the age of 23, Anthony is looking forward to displaying his talent to the world and allow his actions to influence Savannah.

As a teenager Anthony would play wallball before school and after, it’s all he wanted to do.  He developed his skills playing in Parks and school yards in the Castle Hill area of the Bronx. Playing wallball helped Anthony develop friendships. He also got a chance to spend quality time while taking lessons from his father. At 17 years old Anthony began playing in tournaments. Anthony has a quiet and determined demeanor and plays with a “never give up” attitude. Most recently in the Spain vs USA Wallbal Exhibition Mens “B” Doubles, Anthony and his partner Dolo Dan, fought back from a 0-11 deficit to win the game.

“Everyone watching me play is a great feeling. I had to play as hard as I can. I was so happy to win that game.”

Wallball has been a tool for Anthony throughout his life. He used it for exercise, stress relief and an alternative to the streets. He wants to show the youth how to use sports to help make smart decisions in life.

“Some kids don’t have it good and Wallball can help them. I want to show them that being on your phone and Xbox is not the only thing you can do. I want to help kids get better and stay off the street.”

Anthony is working towards being an “A” Player in the near future. He is definetly on our radar this year. Congratulations to our Player of the Week, Anthony “Alien” Diaz.