Player of the Week – Feb 15, 2016

This week we’d like to recognize a shining new star on the scene, Alex Steam!

Alex is quickly becoming the topic of discussion this year as he’s making his rounds through the Amateur (B) Division. Playing the sport since the age of 16, now at 23 he’s starting to show the athletic maturity that catapults athletes to an elite level. Dedication? Check. Sacrifice? Check. Passion? Check. He has a unique style of playing that goes from aggressive to calm from shot to shot. Charismatic as they come, he’ll taunt you a bit just to let you know he has absolutely no fear in his opponent at all. With that much passion and competitiveness, he never compromises sportsmanship.

Off court Alex is just as focused and dedicated. He obtained an Associate Degree at Bronx Community College and is currently in Baruch College pursuing his academic goals in Business and Accountancy. In conversation, he makes it clear that his professional goals are just as important, if not more, than his athletic goals in the sport. He wants people to know that anyone can achieve, both professionally and athletically, by just prioritizing and committing. “It’s not easy” he says, but nothing worth obtaining ever is.

So what’s next for Alex? Simple, being #1. The focus is definitely there. Knowing exactly where he wants to be in the sport, is already a major advantage in his favor. Playing no less than 5 days a week, studying the game, and mentoring younger players, we believe he’ll have his moment in the sport.

2016 should prove to be a defining year for him! Congratulations to our new Player(s) of the Week, Alex and Eric!

*Stay tuned next week for our article on Eric Reyes.