“Where you are is not who you are,” said Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO of Fortune 500 Company Xerox. This could be said consistently through many facets and stages in one’s lifetime. Take for example our Brothers and Sisters who play wall ball in Texas. Many of whom learned the sport while incarcerated have become “the most nicest people to interact with and have become the most productive citizens,” said Alex Duenas. “It’s a sport for everyone which makes it very unique and special.”

Alex grew up playing wall ball (handball) at Broadway Park, Newtown Field and in Jackson Heights Queens New York. As a child he could remember the impact the game had on him which sparked a flame that would once again become ignited by a chance encounter at Lake Highlands North Park in Dallas Texas. “I attended my nephew’s birthday party and to my surprise they had dedicated a space in the park to play the sport which at the time I had no idea existed. They even have a sign hanging that says ‘These courts are designated for handball only’ which is enforced by the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department.” FB_IMG_1462772977182-1

Alex immediately connected with the locals, many of whom also grew up in NYC. He then became inspired to connect the rest of the community by opening a membership page on Facebook called Handball One-Wall Dallas, Texas which connected dozens of players throughout Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. “I received a lot of support from guys like Victor Santana and Ariel Saez. Even the guys that came from playing in jail are respectful and encouraging. It’s been said that a wealthy Jewish man from New York who was also passionate about the sport donated the money to the city to build this court and the one stipulation he had was that wall ball (handball) players were given priority when utilizing the space. It’s amazing how a sport can bring so many people together from different backgrounds and remind us of our childhood memories. We accept everyone here. It’s like a brotherhood and I intend to keep promoting and encouraging people to play the same way they encourage me. I have a lot of faith in God and he put this in my lap. I intend to see it through.”

Congratulations to our new Player of the Week, Alex Duenas!

*Check out our Texas Wall Ball (handball) community by clicking here and support their next Open Singles event on Saturday, May 14th at Lake Highlands North Park in Dallas Texas. https://www.facebook.com/groups/133335786678084/

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