For those of you who haven’t had the privilege of meeting our Player of the Week, we are proud to introduce you to a tremendous contributor of NYC handball, NYPD P.O. Veronica Figueroa!

Veronica has been a New York Police Officer for over 17 years! She is also a wife, a mother, the President of Lincoln Terrace Handball/Raquetball Association and the Vice President of the United States Wallball Association Inc. She has been playing handball for as long as she’s been an Officer of the law, and in fact met her husband of 16 years, George Figueroa, playing handball at St. John’s Park in Brooklyn, New York.

Handball has been apart of Veronica’s life for as long as she can remember. As a teen she was a fierce basketball competitor, but the moment she came across handball it was an easy transition. “I’ve always lived right across the street from St. John’s Park and would watch handball legends like Buddy, Roger and lefty Kevin play” says Veronica. Once she learned the sport she was immediately drawn to the raw, competitive, edge that handball offers in addition to it being so cheap accessible to play. The only problem was, there weren’t many women competing. This sparked an immediate interest in Veronica and she was inspired to get females involved.  “I was inspired to start my own organization to throw women’s tournaments” she explains.

Years later Veronica is still representing for the ladies of handball. This past weekend she spent over $400 dollars of her own money to provide trophies for a women’s A/B event hosted by her organization. “I always give it my all” she says, and will continue to support the women of handball  for years to come!

There is no doubt about it, Veronica deserves our recognition and support for the many years she has dedicated to the sport of Handball/Wallball and for the risk she assumes everyday to protect our neighborhood as an N.Y.P.D. Police Officer.

Congratulations to our new Player of the Week, Veronica Figueroa!

*Support Veronica and the women of wallball this weekend as they compete at the W4th Street Men’s Open Doubles, Saturday, January 14th at Guz Indoor Sports Club

 Veronica Figueroa and partner, Mariela Echavarria pictured above