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“The Avatar”

Every week Wall Ball recognizes an athlete who for their athletic ability, personality, contribution to the sport, personal growth or on the court achievements land them an opportunity to share their story with the community. This week all of the above can be said about this particular player. He’s very quiet, yet aggressive and is known for his incredible killers on the court. Although many know little about him he managed to earn multiple titles in NYC throughout 2014 and 2015, is Bronx bred and a fierce competitor. Meet Mickey Osorio –

Mickey is a Father. At only 22 years of age he dedicates most of his time to work and raising his two children Emily (3) and Justice (1). Just last year Mickey’s Father passed away at 45 years young unexpectedly which left him with only memories of his Dad’s advice to stay off the streets and productive outside of work and family. Mickey has honored his Father and according to his girlfriend of 5 years and the Mother of his children Elizabeth (21), “he is a great Dad! He always wants to be with his kids. He’s very dependable and I love him. He wants to move us out of the Bronx one day to raise our kids in a better environment. I believe in him and support him no matter what.”

Mickey started playing handball at the age of 13 in Tremont, BX. He grew up watching is Mom play the sport which initially sparked his interest in the game. As he got older he admired a few top players which inspired him to become better and play at a competitive level. “I like watching Tavo play. He’s probably my favorite player in NYC. He plays with a lot of finesse and doesn’t lose his head. I respect that.” Although he has never traveled outside of New York to compete we believe it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world learns of his incredible skill and great attitude. According to his partner and top NYC athlete Carlin Rosa, “Mickey has an old school type of game that incorporates every shot but with the new school style of hard drives and flat killers. Mickey doesn’t fear any player and when he sees a shot he executes it.” According to top player Mikey Mendoza “we call him the Avatar because when he’s focused and in the zone he turns blue and his shots are pretty much un-gettable.” According to Red Bull Pro Athlete Timbo Gonzalez “Mickey is clutch. You want a player like that on your team. He performs great under pressure and is consistent. He’s going be a problem for a lot of people in the near future. He just competed in an Open tournament with mostly top players and took out everybody.” Mickey says he plays better when he feels like he’s being underestimated and while everyone takes to trash talking on the court, his passive-aggressive attitude only breaks his opponent down further after killing his corner. “I don’t need to talk trash. I let my game speak for itself.” And that it truly does!

Congratulations to our new Player of the Week, Mickey Osorio!

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