Catriona Casey

Written By: Jasmine Ray

Although Wall Ball is an advocate for 1-wall, big ball handball on the East Coast of the United States our friends on the West insist that we pay close attention to this up-and-coming pro athlete who has earned International titles, world praise and is now an American Champion! When asked “which of your competitors deserves recognition?” WPH Executive Director David Vincent did not hesitate to insist on Ms. Catriona Casey! “If you’re asking my opinon, I personally think that Catriona Casey is the best women’s handball player to ever live,” Vincent, told the Irish Examiner. “There are maybe 80 guys in the whole of America who could beat her, and there are tens of thousands of players. She is that good.”

Catriona Casey was born and raised in Ireland. She is 21 years young and is positioning herself as the top competitor in all versions of the sport of handball / wall ball. Over the weekend she slammed at the 2015 WPH Outdoor 3-Wall “X” Fest- The Xrossover Revolution Tournament in which she was able to not only adjust, but dominate a version of the sport she had never played. And so, Congratulations to our new and very well deserved “Player of the Week” Ireland’s Ms. Catriona Casey!

For additional information on Pro Athlete Casey and the 2015 WPH Outdoor 3-Wall “X” Fest- The Xrossover Revolution please visit:


The Irish Times – CLICK HERE