“If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion.”

Mia Hamm (Pro Soccer Athlete)

This week Wall Ball is extremely proud to introduce a fierce competitor who recently slammed at the WPH 3-wall ball event on the West Coast and then followed up with another slam on the East Coast at the US small ball Nationals all in the month of September! She credits her strength to growing up on the streets of New York City and is now a proud resident of Arizona where she has established herself as one of the strongest female Wall Ball athletes in the United States. Congratulations to the US Champion and our new Player of the Week – Tracy Davis!

(from left) Tracy Davis and partner Theresa Haley

US Open Doubles Champions

Interview by J.Ray:

How did it feel to SLAM in Vegas?

This is my first big ball singles title and I feel very proud of myself that I was able to rise to the occasion and play well against really good completion.  I encountered tough, gutsy, and tenacious competition so the win feels that much better.  I truly enjoy playing with partner Sandy Ng and to repeat as this years doubles champs was the icing on the cake.

What did you do to prepare for this event?

I went in to last years tournament without hitting the big ball once because I had so many small ball tournaments to prepare for around the same time. This year I spent some time hitting the ball around by myself in Tucson, and I was able to get practice games on the courts once I arrived in Vegas.  Those sessions really helped with my timing.

How have you adjusted to the transition from the East Coast to the West Coast?

There are so many similarities between East coast and West coast big ball handball that it hardly feels like a transition at all.  Both are outdoor handball communities where the top players all have nicknames and appear larger than life.  The crowds are brash, energetic and in your face.  Growing up in NYC truly prepared me to be able to handle myself in any situation that I have ever been in.

How has your experience been working with WPH?

Working with the WPH has been interesting, to say the least.  I have done webcasting, sideline reporting, photography, write ups, marketing, helping to run events, coaching, mentoring…all within the first 6 months!  I have learned a lot and I am looking forward to learning more.

What do you see for the future of Wall Ball?

I see it continuing to grow in participation, appeal and crossover play. It’s the perfect form of handball to provide crossover play for one wallers & three wallers (small ball or big ball).  Strategically its a one wall game with the side walls that 3 wall players are used to.  Traditional four wall players have enjoyed playing wall ball and have had good showings in wall ball tournaments as well. Each year has had a bigger turnout than the year before with more players from all codes of handball participating.

I would like to thank the collaborative efforts of Wall Ball, the WPH and the Racquetball Associations for hosting this event another year.  This event has become one of my favorite events to play in.  A special thank you to Stratosphere for hosting the event on their property once again, to all the sponsors, and the staff who worked the desks, provided information, gear, a smile, a joke-the staff was awesome and I cannot thank them enough for making this such a fantastic event!