La Valiente Chica Colombiana de Jamundi

(The brave girl from Jamundi, Colombia)

“When at a young age you learn to face your fears, that makes the difference between people being champions and people not being champions”

Evander Holyfield

This week Wall Ball is extremely proud to introduce you to a young athlete who is new to the sport of Wall Ball  and despite her age was determined to represent her country of Colombia and make her parents proud! She joined forces with New York player Jojo Pares in the World Games Cali, Colombia 1-Wall Ball demonstration 2013 and defied all odds. She is 14 years young, brave, passionate and dedicated to her country. Congratulations to our new Player of the Week, Karol Guerrero!

In her own words (translated by Sophia Murphy):

Carol grew up playing a sport called “chasa” which is a ball sport that is indigenous to her town of Jamundi. The sport is similar to Wall Ball which made it an easier transition for her to prepare for the World Games. Carol came to represent Colombia only weeks before the event when fellow team member Jiaro Chavez saw how gifted and athletic she was while playing “chasa.”

“If God wills me to play Wall Ball, next event I will be honored to represent my country. I believe with some training I can be ready to compete at the World Games. My parents help me  to train and keep me focused. I get a great deal of my athletic ability from my Father. He was formally a member of a chasa team and competed very seriously.”

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Team Colombia – Karol G. & Jojo Parra

(Karol’s Father embraces her after win)






“The Colossium” Jamundi, Colombia

Event Organizers – William Polonco (middle) & Vlad Klym (right) with Head Referee Tony Roberts (left)

(from left) Mayor of Jamundi, Timbo Gonzalez, World Games Director L. Echeverry & Tywan Cook

Team USA & USA Wall Ball President Jasmine Ray

The Officials

Team USA & Team Ireland

Team USA & Team UK Wall Ball

Team USA & Team PR

Team Puerto Rico

Team Colombia (Mikey “PSP” Angelo) & Timbo Gonzalez

Team Ecuador

Team Mexico, Tony Roberts & Team UK

Team France

Team Basque Country

Team Bogota

Team Mexico

Wall Ball US President Jasmine Ray, Timbo Gonzalez & Red Bull Colombia ‘Wings Team’

Team PR – Efren Rosa & Michelle Melendez

Team PR – Jessica Lopez & Sophia Murphy