Hail to the King!

This week Wall Ball is proud to bring you coverage from the 16th annual King of the Courts event in New York City! The 2-day event which is hosted by the St. Alban’s Handball association, took place at Edison Park, Queens, NY, USA and included 80 participants from all over the tri-state area, Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania. Congratulations to the 6-time King of the Court Champion and our new Player of the Week – NYC handball legend John “Rookie” Wright!

After trailing 12- 3 to Rookie, NYC handball enthusiast Yuber  “Peewee” Castro launched a furious comeback to take the lead Match Point 20-15 but could not close the game. Rookie then made a comeback of his own in heartbreaking fashion to defeat Castro. Final score 21-20 (via S. Ortiz)

Timbo deaf. Cisco Aponte 21-7

Finale – Rookie deaf. Timbo 25-22


The Finalists

1st Place – Champ John “Rookie” Wright

2nd Place – Timbo Gonzalez

3rd Place – Yuber “Pee Wee” Castro

4th Place – Francisco ”The Wolf” Aponte

5th Place – Justin Rodriquez

6th Place – George Figueroa

7th Place – Tyree Bastides 

8th Place – Andres “Playstation” Calle

*order corrected by S.A.H.A.’s Dwight Worley

Written By: Lowveens Jacques


John “Rookie” Wright has done it again. In every sport there is a legend, a prodigy, a man or woman that defies all odds. Time and time again ROOKIE has proven us wrong winning epic battles against fierce competition. So many people doubted him gossiping on how he was finished, washed up and it was time to pass the torch to another player. At one point even I believed he was also done, but something told me there was fight left in this man. A warrior doesn’t just lay down and die. I preached on early this week about how he is the greatest to have ever blessed this sport and watching him play is worth the price of admission. Few agreed with me not willing to give this master of the game his credit.

The young can learn from the old and experienced they have seen champions come and go. It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, its about the size of the fight in the dog. Rookie has proven that he has a lot of fight left in him and this old dog isn’t ready to be put down. Now I have to give credit where credit is due Timothy Gonzalez is by far a great player and he fought the good fight and im sure even he will admit Rookie is the truth. Timbo nicknamed the young dragon by Rookie is no doubt about it a pure lean mean handball machine spitting flames everywhere with vicious speed and powerful returns. 2013 wasnt his year but im pretty sure 2014 if he stays healthy and injury free he will no doubt in my mind most certainly be the newest KING.

So to conclude what I was saying all along about ROOKIE, he is the greatest that ever was, pound for pound the true master of the game. George Figueroa called him the Gatekeeper and when asked what did he mean by that he explained to be a true King of the courts you must get pass the gatekeeper to enter that level of players to be crown the KING and you simply can not reach that without getting pass the man who has Guarded that gate for so long. according to George if you win it without him there its not legit. All I can say is Timbo was most certainly there losing 25-22 against the Gatekeeper John “ROOKIE” Wright. Rookie is to us what Michael Jordan was to basketball. Jordan has 6 rings, Rookie has six CROWNS. It is simple at age 40 he is the greatest that ever was. LONG LIVE THE KING.


For more details about the St. Alban’s Handball Association (S.A.H.A.) visit: www.sahany.org

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For footage of the K.O.T.C. finale (Timbo vs Rookie) visit our media section or CLICK HERE

In her own words:

St. Albans Handball Assn. Inc. would like to thank all the Spectators and the Players (80) for making this 2-day tournament a success! A big shout out to our sponsor Skybounce and private donors; your continued support of the K.O.T.C. is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Until next year… Have a great summer all!

King of the Court July 19, 2014

–          Karen McConney



(from left) Red Bull athlete – Timbo Gonzalez & K.O.T.C. Champion John “Rookie” Wright

S.A.H.A.’s CEO Dwight Worley & Skybounce’s Christian Vasquez

The Finalists

The Bracket

Ray Lopez Jr. & Collin Jr.

(from left) Ray Lopez Sr. & Jr., Dwight W., Collin Jr. & Sr.

Francisco Aponte & Son Nicolas along side S.A.H.A.’s Karen McConney