Player of the Week ThrowBack! (3-4-12)

Congratulations to our new Player of the Week, Tomás Fernández A., President of the Costa Rican Handball Association!

The Costa Rican Handball Association (Asociación Deportiva Handball de Costa Rica in Spanish), was created in 2010, by a group of enthusiasts and athletes that want to give something back to the community. With this goal in mind, we promote Handball in every way possible. Specially One Wall Handball.

We are working closely with the Ministry of Education on a National Level to implement one-wall handball in the Schools and High Schools of the entire country. It is a massive task, but we are moving forward to achieve it. We have already trained 60 PE teachers and donated balls to each of them, and have 3 more training in line for 40 teachers each. We have covered 32 out of 88 county´s in the Country. Very good for a year´s work.

Part of our plans is to have an International One Wall Tournament next year, just like in Ecuador, if possible. Also, to promote and donate balls to friendly organizations in other Central American countries, to expand the World of Handball.

We promote Handball “The Perfect Game” for the benefit of our people and our Country. Bring joy and happiness by playing a great game, that is a great exercise for mind and body. From children to teenagers, to adults. Tall or small, it doesn´t matter anyone can play handball.

Please visit Mr. Fernandez and the Costa Rican Handball Association at –