“The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived.”

Robert Jordan

This week Wall Ball is proud to introduce a strong and resilient player who has been a part of the handball community for over a decade and was ranked the #1 female Wall Ball Athlete in 2012. She has earned her reputation through skill and ability, contributed to the game as one third of St. Alban’s Handball Association, was victorious in her fight against cancer and most importantly is a proud and loving Mother! Congratulations to a very deserving Player of the Week – Gladys Miranda!

In her own words:

I started playing handball at age 18 years old, I was a volleyball player and the transition was easy. What attracted me to learn the game was watching the top A players at west 4th street courts in New York. They used to meet up every Tuesday and Thursday and play against each other. The person I had admired the most is Rookie. He play with everyone and no game was ever a lock for him. He always took every challenge and show me the game is never over.

My game was more a type of a serve and kill strategy. I was never a powerful player, but more like a placement player and smart on the court. As I always say ” i have no friends on the court” lol!

My daughter and my husband are my life they are my biggest supporters. I am only able to play once a week but will not trade that for anything in the world! My biggest tournament victories were winning Queens of the Courts in 1999 and 2000 and of course the $10,000 dollars mixed doubles with rookie in 2005. I learn the game thanks to my dear friend Tony Roberts. He worked with me to get better and also played with me against the guys.

I am a member of S.A.H.A. (St. Alban’s Handball Association), an organization that Dwight Worley started. He wanted to see the biggest singles tournament and he created “King of the Courts” which is the most elite tournament out of all the big blue handball associations.

In 2007 I was diagnosted with lymphoma cancer stage 2. Thanks to God I am in remission since then!  It’s still hard for me to play at times. I have good days and bad but it’s very hard to give up a sport that I love so much!

– Gladys Miranda


Congratulations to our new Player of the Week – Gladys Miranda!

Gladys Miranda & Karen McConney

St. Alban’s Handball Association

Gladys’s Beautiful Daughter