Jay & Tony Bring home the Gold!

Author: Christina Torres

Congratulations to our New Players of the Week – Jay DeJesus and Tony Ferruggia!

This previous week Jay and Tony placed first in the Puerto Rico Handball and Paddleball Associations Men’s Open Doubles located in Hatio, PR. These players are very athletic. They always have the eagerness to play in all tournaments and/or handball games. They both play in the popular indoor facility known as GUZ Indoor Sports Club, located in Brooklyn, New York; in the winter. In the summertime you can catch them in most tournaments and traveling through all five boroughs to play a good game of handball.

Jay Dejesus is now twenty-two years old. He first started playing handball when he was eighteen. He grew up in Ridgewood, Brooklyn. Jay graduated from Grover Cleveland High School. He is now a porter who cleans office buildings and loves to play the game of handball because “handball makes me feel like nothing can stop me” he says confidently.

Jay Quoted: “My goal this year is to show everybody why I should have gotten my A card.”

Tony Ferruggia was born April 8, 1985. Tony was born in Oakland, California and raised in Maspeth, Queens. When he first started playing handball he was only twelve years old. He played in Crowley Park in Queens, New York. His father taught him how to play the game of handball. Tony’s favorite player is his father. Tony quotes” My father is my favorite player because he was one of the strongest underground players I’ve ever met and I had the privilege to be instructed by him on and off the court. Every time I play, it’s like I’m representing my father, and the characteristics of sportsmanship and athletic aggressiveness that he has shown me.”

Just like his partner Jay, Tony graduated Grover Cleveland High School as well. Tony is now an Asset Engineer for Channel ABC-TV and an S.S. Swim Coach.

When asked; how does handball make you feel?

Tony Stated; “To me handball is and will always be a unique part of my life. It’s not just an outlet to relieve stress, or something I do because I’m good at it. It’s a sport that I have loved ever since my dad taught me the fundamentals of the game. Also, after sustaining too many injuries swimming in Division I down south, this is the only sport I have left in me to excel as an athlete. I love to compete.”

Tony received his ‘A’ card this year and he is very excited. He thinks it’s a huge accomplishment, yet it’s like another chapter of his handball career.

Tony’s goal is to continue to play hard and to be recognized as an ‘A’ player not for his accomplishments as a B player, but also how he plays amongst the big dogs.

Congratulations to Tony Ferruggia and Jay DeJesus for bringing

New York the Puerto Rico Association’s Champion Title and Congratulations to them as our new

Players of the Week!