The Heart of a CHAMPION

Any expert will tell you when pursuing achievement, mere talent is NOT enough.  But, how much can be credited to innate talent and how much to intensive training? According to expert psychologist Herbert A. Simon, it takes approximately 10 years of heavy labor to MASTER ANY FIELD.  This includes examining beyond your experience which entails continually tackling challenges that lie just beyond your competence and comfort zone. And, even when having reached an acceptable performance – for instance, keeping up or surpassing your peers – the common individual will relax with satisfactory, while the warrior continues to inspect, criticize and works even harder to live up to standards set by leaders in that given field. This, and this alone separates the players from the champions!

If you don’t already know her, this week Wall Ball is proud to introduce you to an incredible athlete who’s position on Team Puerto Rico was not appointed, but EARNED. She is a very focused individual who quietly trained for months and gracefully earned world dominance at this years World Handball Championships in Dublin, Ireland. Meet Michelle Melendez –

In her own words…

Winning the 2012 World Handball Championship.

If there was ever an accomplishment I wanted more in my handball career it was to win the 2012 Worlds. This competition meant so much to me in so many ways – more personal than anything else.  Overall it was one heck of an experience!!! In my humble opinion the GAA is one of the best handball organization this community has ever seen! They have their eye on the goal and are going full speed ahead in trying to achieve that goal!!! Great job!!!

I am honored to have earned this title! I thought I would have felt the ultimate glory but to my surprise it has only heightened my expectations and the ultimate glory to me would be to defend this title in Canada in 2015. There are so many people I have to thank and be grateful for. Most of all I want to thank those people who didn’t believe I could do it, those who talk down on me and those who didn’t respect my game that give me the motivation to push and fight harder!!! From one champ to the next, when one can learn to channel all the negativity and hardships into positive energy only then will you truly have the heart of champion. Although I have put my dent in the ground, I am far from achieving where I want to be in this sport and with that said I leave you with this, ” Have faith in the lord for he is the path to glory and success!” And as for me this my friends is ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!

Congratulations to our new Player of the Week, World Champion Michelle Melendez.