Casamento Park

Michael DeCrescenzo is a 21 year old handball player from Casamento Park, Long Island New York. He has been playing for 4 years at West Babylon high school and is a father to a beautiful young son. Aside from his family life and work as a home improvement contractor, he is extremely passionate about the sport of handball. “I love the competitiveness and overall physical fitness aspect of it. It’s better than the gym. You’re always moving, it keeps you in great shape all while having fun” says DeCrscenzo.

Michael is ambidextrous and is dedicated to playing handball and representing his park in Casamento because among the players they are more than just competitors, they are family. He was voted Player of the Week among the community because of his dedication to the sport and his great attitude on the court!

Congratulations to our new Player of the Week – Michael Dé Crescenzo of Casamento Park!

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Casamento Park – Handball Courts
65 Muncey Road
West Islip
(631) 224-5442

Article By: Samuel Ortiz