“Don’t Call it a Comeback”

John “Rookie” Wright is undeniably the greatest 1-wall handball player of this generation. He has dominated this sport since the mid-90’s and at 38 years of age, is still considered one of the strongest and most consistent competitors in the game. Last year Rookie suffered a serious knee injury and there were numerous rumors circulating that he was soon to retire. Like a true champion Rookie refused to accept defeat and began rehabilitating himself back to health. He began the 2011 season slow, taking a couple of losses and struggling to find his footing. Six months later Rookie was back on top, reclaiming his position as the number one 1-wall player in the USA! He dominated the 2011 Sky Bounce Nationals taking first place in both the doubles and singles divisions. This year he defended his 1-wall Open Singles Invitational title as champion for the 3rd consecutive year!

According to the weekly Wallball World poll he was also the fan favorite to win the Open Singles event and is currently leading the pack as the best nominee to represent the USA overseas.

Congratulations to our new Player of the Week, John “Rookie” Wright!

The Champion - Rookie


The 1-wall Open Singles Invitational was full of talent, shockers, upsets and great playing!  Aside from this week’s Player of the Week, we’d also like to highlight one amateur player who hasn’t been on the scene long, but is currently making a lot of noise – Earl DuBoise. Earl is the younger brother of USWA board member and “A” player Lawrence “The Boss” DuBois. As a talented basketball player he spent years watching his older brother compete in handball tournaments until one day he decided to take to the courts. He discovered not only did he have a natural talent for handball, but that he’d fallen for a new sport. Since then he hasn’t looked back, quickly becoming one of the fastest and youngest threats on the courts.

Eearl defeated Lefty Nine in one exciting “comeback” game 21-16 after trailing him 10 points within the first 5 minutes of the game. He also defeated the young and talented Josh Garcia and handball vet Shaheem “The Dream.”

Congratulations to the Open Singles Invitational MVP, Earl DuBois!

Earl (right) along side his Brother Brandon (left)