PRO Handball – Gonzalez slams both Men’s Pro Singles & Doubles divisions. Youngest EVER to earn title!

BROOKLYN, New York – Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez (20) is the youngest USA National Men’s Pro Champion in handball history! He gracefully credits his partner Givonni as being one of the most toughest opponents in his handball career. “Gio is the total package. He has every shot in the game. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. We grew up playing together as kids in Kelly Park, Brooklyn and been friends forever. It makes winning with him that much better.”

Gonzalez, a well known top player in the NYC handball scene is known for his incredible talents and infamous personality. After only 2 years of competing in the open professional division he has seemingly ended the decade long dominance of Rookie Wright, defeating him in King of the Court/2011 and snagging his title this year at the USHA Nationals. Timbo takes great pride his training routine and daily habits. “I try not to have any bad habits. I know some of the kids that play handball look up to me. I don’t smoke or drink and I try to eat things that help my performance.”  His next goal is to bring home the 1st place trophy as he represents the United States in Ireland at the World Wall Ball Championships. “I”m grateful for the opportunity to show the world my talent and represent my country,” says Timbo.

Congratulations to the new USA National Champion and our Player of the Week – Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez!

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Congratulations to the following National Champions:

Men’s Pro Singles Division – Timothy Gonzalez

Men’s Pro Doubles Division – Timothy Gonzalez & Givonni Vasquez

Women’s Singles Open – Kerry White

Women’s Pro Doubles Division – Karen McConney & Adrian Floyd

Men’s Singles Open – Eddie Ramos

Men’s Singles B Division – Angel Juarbe

Men’s Doubles B Division – Angel Juarbe & Franklin Vera

Men’s Masters 40+ Division – Juan Martinez Sr.

15 and under Singles Division – Juan Martinez Jr.

17 and under Singles Division – Robert Lee


USA National Pro Singles & Doubles Champion – Timbo Gonzalez

USA National Pro Doubles Champions – Timbo Gonzalez & Givonni Vazquez

USA National Pro Champions & Finalists – (from left) George Figeuroa, T. Gonzalez, G. Vazquez & Tywan Cooke

USA National Junior Division Champion (pictured with T. Gonzalez) – Juan Martinez Jr. 

Timbo defeats former National Champ John “Rookie” Wright

Timbo vs Gio

Players & Spectators

Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez

Givonni “Human Torch” Vasquez

Juan Martinez Jr.

Jacob, 9 (Son of National Champ Master’s Division – Juan Martinez Sr.)

Team PR’s Herman Mendez with twins Jake & Jayden (Tony Figgueroa’s sons)

Joshua, 9 & Kalvin, 10 (sons of Team DR’s Carlin Rosa)

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