Player of the Week – Jan 4th 2016 Jessenia & Melanie Garate!

jessica and melanie garate To kick off the new year we’d like to congratulate and get the world familiar with our Players (you read that right, playerS) of the week, Jessenia & Melanie Garate!
These young rising stars come from a family history and lineage of handball. Their mother Maribel and her siblings have been playing handball since they were in their teens, and naturally that tradition has been passed down to Jessenia and Melanie. At 18 years of age they’ve accumulated quite an impressive list of accolades and seem very poised about moving into the Open division.

melanie garate

These young ladies are not only taking care of business on the courts, but also pursuing their academic goals as well. Both freshmen in college, where they not only continue to play handball, but soccer as well. We’re very excited to see their growth, both personal and athletic in years to come. It’s such a beautiful thing to see young, determined athletes really working on the foundation to their future success at such a young age.


jessica garate In closing, one important thing that stood out to us at Wallball while conducting the interviews, was the presence of a strong family bond. We really commend you Maribel on a great job raising the girls! It’s so important that kids receive that support and encouragement from their parents early on in life. In conversation, Maribel shared some of her struggles and obstacles in life, but through it all, she’s remained a very positive influence and figure in her kid’s lives. We always love to see and encourage parents to come and participate at all our Junior events. This was such a wonderful experience for us and we congratulate this family and wish them nothing but the best in all their future endeavors!