Wally Amaro

 The Pennsylvania Handball Association


This month Wall Ball is proud to recognize one of the most committed and dedicated individuals in our sport! He is the President and Founder of The Pennsylvania Handball Association which utilizes the sport to unify the community and mentor its youth population. He is a world-class athlete who is known for his first-class sportsmanship, incredible athletic abilities, humble attitude, leadership and philanthropic initiatives. Congratulations to our well deserving Player of the Month – Wally Amaro! 

In his own words:

As a kid from the inner city of Philadelphia I grew up never imagining that the sport of handball would make such a difference in my life. Born and raised in the baddest parts of the city my outlet was one wall handball. In those lines I could forget the struggles of everyday life and just play what i loved. I have accomplished many things, such as titles, travel, but most important I have developed new relationships with people around the world. I went from coming into the sport as a low level player not knowing the rules or the fierce competition that I would face. Now my name is known on a global scale and I have respectfully and humbly earned my right as a top pro athlete. With this great accomplishment came greater responsibility. My goal is take everything that I have experienced both on and off the court and pass it on not only to handball players but to all of our young children. This sport is an outlet that can be used to help motivate children to interact with each other hence lowering violence among them. Myself as well as my fellow “handballers” in Philadelphia have created a non profit organization called The Pennsylvania Handball Association. I am currently the president of this prestigious organization. Our goal is uniting communities and youth through the sport of handball. We create awareness of the sport and develop programs which help with pointing our children in the right direction. Not only in handball but in life. We use our large networking to guide kids, parents, and communities to obtain outlets in the inner city that they didn’t know they had. We have developed summer camps that keep about 60 kids active and healthy during the summer months, full school programs which are a part of the gym curriculum, and an annual citywide handball tournament which started with 3 communities and has now grown to six communities serving over 400 players ranging from ages 8-50. We look forward to expanding our citywide event, developing more in school programs, and open doors to new possibilities for our children. As for myself  and my future, I will strive everyday to make a difference not in just one community but as many as I can to keep our kids active, healthy, and safe. My future plans include worldwide travel for the children in competitions, grants for college, and possibly Olympic status and training future Olympians. The battle will last a lifetime and that’s a battle I will fight for life.