To wrap up an exciting year in the sport, Wall Ball proudly presents our Player of The Month tribute to Danielle Daskalakis!

Brooklyn’s own, 24 year old Danielle has been playing the sport consistently since 2007. What started out as something of a hobby, just to pass time in between either softball or basketball practice, ended up becoming her preferred sport once the passion to play it set in.

Like most players in the city, she was introduced to the sport in local parks. She later competed in High School small ball competitions. Through her travels she met top players Cesar Sala and Tracy Davis who further introduced her into the world of Handball, where she experienced city wide and national tournaments.

Her competitive edge is just one of the traits that has awarded her some very impressive accolades within the sport and community. Danielle has won junior titles as early as 2009 and has since moved on to winning 2 USHA Big Ball Singles National titles, 3 USHA Smallball Doubles National titles and recently winning USHA 4wall Women’s Classic tournament.

Danielle has been sponsored by the New York Athletic Club and the Inner City Handball Association.

Not only training and playing the sport competitively, she also makes time to give back! She divides her time running Handball clinics and tournaments for ICHA, has a weekly program for juniors at the West Side YMCA and officiates the female division of Junior tournaments for The United States Wall Ball Association.

In closing, alongside her competitiveness, you also have to admire her ambition!

She feels like she hasn’t done enough in the sport. She expressed her commitment to accomplish more and in more divisions. She wants to be known as the complete Handball player. She plans to make her mark in every aspect of the sport, 1, 3 and 4 walls.

2015 should be promising year for Danielle and we are excited to be following her progress!

Congratulations to our new Player of the Month – Danielle Daskalakis!