Big Blue Beginners 

C Division Amateur Division

*The winners will be featured as our new Players of the Week!

C player: By definition is a beginner/entry level hand-ball player that shows an obvious weak-hand and more defensive than offensive game style. Shows inconsistency in rally and little or no experience in competition. This is a beginner’s tournament. If you have placed in any tournament, or show a gradual amount of game experience you will not be allowed to play. We will try to make this event as fair as possible. If we do not allow you to play please do not be offended and consider it a compliment!

Trophies 1st thru 4th
1st Place: 6ft Trophy!!!

Cash Prizes: 1st thru 8th Place

Date: Sunday, July 14th 2013

Rain-date: July 21st, 2013

Location: Pomonok Park (Queens College)

Sign-Up: 9AM

Entry fee: $5 per player

Late Fee: Additional $5 per player after 10:30AM

Game Play begins at 11am

Non A or B Player Females are allowed to play.

100% Payout, Trophies will be donated by hosts.
Cash Prizes will be determined on amount of teams joined, and before the tourney start.
Locking Tourney at 64 TEAMS!!!

This is a Sponsored Tournament. Sponsorships will be providing extra gifts/cash prizes.

Juniors 19 and under who would like to participate in this event & not be disqualified for Juniors (Nationals/ Highschool/ any school organized tournaments), we can donate the prize money to any organization or charity of your choice if you win.

Tournament Rules:
-21 Pt. Games / 21 Pt. Game Final
-All teams have up to 3 failed appeals.
-Three (2)min time-outs per team each game.
-Winning Team MUST stay on the same court and ref the next game and will be responsible for the score sheet/clipboard/pen/game ball until returned to host table. Any refusal to ref will result in a 7pt spot to opposing team.
-Host has the right to refuse any players from participating in this event due to history of being an A-hole.
-Players will receive warnings and possible loss of points or DQ, due to unsportsmanship-like conduct, cursing at their opponents or game ref’s.
-DQ will result in no-refund.

We will have Sports drinks/water/soda for sale during the tournament.

We will have Raffles for gifts and prizes.