Hollywood Beach, FL

Written By: Jasmine Ray

Matt is a disciplined, focused and loving Father who quit the game of handball for nearly 10 years to pursue his Bachelor of Arts, solidify a career in accounting and raise 3 beautiful boys only to pick up where he left off dominating one of Florida’s most popular handball tournaments and earning the title “King of the Beach.”

Matt is originally from Coney Island Brooklyn, although he claims to have learned his court skills playing in Grand Central Park (GCP) Queens. As a teen, Matt attended Forest Hills H.S. and played on their handball team. Unfortunately, the Public School Athletic League (PSAL) enforces a game called “small ball” which is not favored by the majority of players and is similar to handball but played with a heavier ball. Due to his style of playing, Matt found it difficult to adjust to the ball and never pursued the game competitively until well out of college.

In 2001 his Brother Malik moved the Florida. From there Matt found himself visiting 4 times a year and picking up the game of handball again in Hollywood Beach until deciding to move after graduating from Queens College in 2002. It was then he decided to take a break, raise a family and pursue a career in finance. In 2009, after the birth of sons Matthew Jr. (9), Luke (6) and Levi (5), and a steady career as an Accountant in a big law firm Matt decided to revisit his favorite pastime and began playing competitively at the age of 29. “Fitness is a part of my lifestyle. I go to the gym every day. Last year I came in 3rd place in the K.O.T.B. tournament and for me another loss was unacceptable. I plan to compete in the “B” (amateur) circuit in NY this year to possibly earn my A card and this tournament is the first step toward achieving that goal. I turned it up a notch, lifted heavier and ran no less than 20 miles a week to prepare for this tournament only to get injured during the semi-final match. I caught a bone bruise on my hand and was in a lot of pain. My Brother was on the sideline and I almost lost the final match until he told me to suck it up, tolerate the pain for another 25 minutes and it’s over. The final match was by far the hardest for me. Not only because I was injured, but because I faced my doubles partner Kevin who I have a lot of love and respect for.  Today my hand is in a lot of pain but my sons insisted on playing so we’re right back at the courts. I have to admit, if feels great to be a Champion! I have a lot of supporters in Florida and it was nice also having my paddleball family by my side the entire tournament. Thank you to them, my family, my friends and South Florida’s Got Next for a great event and timeless memories that will forever be part of my life! ”

“We would like to add that Matt Mantro is a great man and person which equals to being a great champion! #sflgotnxt is in great hands.” – “Sir Solo Dolo” & “Broadway Anna” of South Florida Handball League

Congratulations to #SFLGOTNXT on a successful event and Congratulations to the King of the Beach Champion and our new Player of the Week, Matthew Mantro!


(from left) Kevin Calero, K.O.T.B. Champion Matt Mantro & Edgar Diaz


K.O.T.B. – 2014 Champion & 2015 Champion


Matt Sr. with sons Matt Jr. (9), Luke (6) & Levi (5)

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2nd Annual King of the Beach (South FL) hosted by South Florida Got Next (Solo and Broadway Anna)

  1. Matt Mantro – Champion
  2. Kevin Francisco Calero
  3. Edgar Macho Diaz
  4. Victor aka “running man”
  5. Walt Bargas
  6. Eddie Perez
  7. Manny Da Cannon Gomez
  8. Rogelio Irizarry
  9. Moe Chedda Moya
  10. SuperDave Diaz
  11. Sirr Solo Dolo
  12. Dominion Nelson
  13. Joseph Gentile aka “Bazooka Joe”
  14. Don Carpio
  15. Mario
  16. Ralpy
  17. Carlos Sarmiento
  18. Hank Tiffa
  19. Joe aka “Spidey”
  20. Que Florez
  21. Colombian mike
  22. Efren Eezzbeats Rosa
  23. Manny Love Gabby
  24. Daniel Copersino
  25. Omi DA Don
  26. Diego Orjuela
  27. Victor Nagales
  28. Jorge Gonzalez
  29. Robert Perez
  30. Lenny Rodriguez
  31. Tyshawn Frederick
  32. El Chelo