Congratulations to Timbo & Jackie, winners of the Jonathan Ray Memorial Open Mixed Doubles tournament!

Timbo and Jackie have dominated mixed (male & female teams) tournaments for the last 2 years. Prior to this event they lost their title to “A” team Tywan and Ruby at the St. Albans Handball Association mixed doubles in Liberty Park May of this year. It didn’t take much for Timbo and Jackie to reclaim their position as the #1 mixed doubles team in NYC…until they faced the strong up-and-coming “B” mixed team Carlos and Christina (Timbo’s sister). Many dismissed the “B” team, thinking they had no shot at the title. They battled it out in one exciting, grueling, personal match. Christina went after her brother Timbo in long vollys refusing to go down without a fight. In the end Timbo and Jackie’s experience and undeniable chemistry proved once again that it takes more than just a burning desire to break this team. That was one of the closest matches of the tournament closing out at 21-19.

In the finals Timbo and Jackie defeated NYC handball legend and veteran John “Rookie” Wright and partner “Lefty” Jessica.

The Jonathan Ray Memorial Open Mixed Doubles took place at St. John’s Park, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Round 1
Tywan & Ruby vs Lori & Wally (team PR)
Phat Kat & Tamiko vs Herman & Michelle (team PR)
Pooch & Suly vs Playstation & Tina (PHA)
Eric Cruz & Mousie vs Rookie & Jessica
Jess & Adam vs Lil Carlos & Christina
Pee Wee & Gladys vs Timbo & Jackie

Round 2
Tywan & Ruby vs Herman & Michelle (21-18)
Pooch & Suly vs Rookie & Jessica (21-7)
Lil Carlos & Christina vs Timbo & Jackie (21-19)

Round 3
Rookie & Jessica (Bi)
Tywan & Ruby vs Timbo & Jackie (21-14)

Rookie & Jessica vs Timbo & Jackie (21-15)