Congratulations to our new Players of the Week, Pee Wee Castro & Jonathan Pazmino!

There is no doubt about it, this is Castro’s year! Yuber “Pee Wee” Castro has dominated 2011 NYC wallball, small ball, big blue, 1-wall, 3-wall, East Coast and West. He was crowned “King of the Courts” earlier this year by the St. Alban’s Handball Association. Pee Wee and partner were down to the wire at just about every match at the USWA Inc.’s Men’s A/B tournament which took place at Guz Indoor Sports Club in Ridgewood, NY. The finals were no exception. They were down 10 points and made a stunning come-back in addition to what can only be coined as the “play of the day” when Castro rolled the ball out from behind the long line. His partner, “B” player Jonathan Pazmino proved to be one of the more consistent players in wallball by holding down his position on the court and his composure off. He has a very steady game and even when down by 10 points, Pazmino kept his composure, his head in the game and his eye on the prize. They defeated Long Island, NY team “Chilly” Willy and partner “Lefty” Anthony in one of the best come-back games this season!

The United States Wallball Association Inc. would like to congratulate the winners and all participants of the 1st annual Men’s A/B tournament! Our next event is the Women’s A/B and will be hosted by The Lincoln Terrace Handball Association on December 3rd 2011. For more information click on our Events Calendar, follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook @wallballworld.

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Big Thank You to our ball sponsor Ektelon!

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Special Thank You to TREAD bike shop for your donation!

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Congratulations to the winner of the bike raffle, William DuBois!


Round 1 –

Chris & George vs Pooch & Ardit (21-13)

Timbo & Lil’ Carlos vs James & Carlin (21-15)

Lenny & Pito vs Herman & Johnny (21-18)

Pee Wee & Pazmino vs Tywan & Tuti (21-20)

Chris & KI vs Drago & Eric Cruz (21-19)

Justin & Will vs Eddie & Jason (21-8)

Tiger & Oscar vs Chilly Willy & Anthony (21-13)

Round 2 –

Pooch & Ardit vs Timbo & Lil’ Carlos (21-17)

Lenny & Pito vs Chilly Will & Anthony (21-20)

Chris & KI vs Justin & Will (21-13)

Pee Wee & Pazmino (Bye)

Semi-finals –

Timbo & Carlos vs Chilly Willy (advance)

Justin & Will vs Pee Wee & Pazmino (21-13)

Finals –

Chilly Willy & Anthony vs Pee Wee & Pazmino

2011-11-12 18.12.24.jpg

Winners – Pee Wee & Pazmino (25-23)

2011-11-12 18.07.41.jpg

2nd place – “Lefty” Anthony & “Chilly” Willy

2011-11-12 18.05.06.jpg

3rd place – Will & Justin