The United States Frontball Champion

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”


This week Wall Ball is extremely proud to highlight an athlete who by against all odds refused to accept defeat until he was victorious. He is this past weekend’s U.S. Frontball Champion and a Bronx native who is known for is wicked whips and competitive nature. Congratulations to our new Player of the Week – Carlin “The Gorilla” Rosa!

In his own words:

I’ve spent that last 6 years competing in handball tournaments and even though I’ve considered quitting, each time I win a title I’m drawn right back. This Frontball tournament was special because in the last 4 tournaments I have made it to the finals and lost in close matches.  Winning 1st place feels like I’ve broken a curse. Frontball is so different from big blue handball in that it requires a lot strength and the ability to whip a baseball like a frontball. Only a few players have made the transition and I’m proud to be one of them .I can’t even explain how good it feels beating the reigning champ Pewee Castro and then Jurell Bastidas to be crowned the US Frontball champion! I’ve been blessed that I have the support from my family and friends and they have always keeped me motivated. I would like to thank Albert Apuzzi, Laurent Harguindeguy , Jean Michel Idiart, Michel Arribehaute and a few others for bringing Frontball to the U.S. After only playing 2 years I am honored to be one of the few players that has had an opportunity to represent The United States in The Frontball pro tour held in France.


Congratulations once again to the new 2013 U.S. Frontball Champion & our new Player of the Week

Carlin “The Gorilla” Rosa


Special Congratulations to the following N.Y.C. Big Ball Competitors

June 1st & 2nd NYC Events 

US Frontball Champions, Tony F.’s Crowley Park Open Doubles & PHA’s B Amateur Singles

The Open Doubles Competitors


The Open Doubles Champions – Timbo Gonzalez & Tywan Cook

PHA B Singles Champion – Mikey Mendoza

Open Doubles 2nd Place – Oscar & Kenny

(‘B’ amateur Team defeats ‘A’ pro level team)

Congratulations to George & Josh 

(‘B’ amateur Team defeats ‘A’ pro level team)