Granted he technically retired a few years ago, but I thought it was worth highlighting again because this story is so significant for our sport.

[Jake Plummer], in his prime, walk’s away from fame and fortune as an NFL quarterback to play handball.”

Now, I like football (G-Men) as much as the next guy, but you can’t deny it: an A-list transition as big as Jake’s switch from pigskin to blueball is a huge boon for handball.

Congrats Jake, and thanks.  It must have been a tough decision, but you did the right thing for yourself and for the handball community.

Here’s an excerpt from the article posted on Sports Illustrated back in February:

Upon retiring in March 2007, he held a press conference at the Denver Athletic Club. Grasping a lectern, he told a crowd of reporters that he was “running away from the game” but not in “fear or fright.” He credited his teammates for his success, invoked his friend Pat Tillman and pointed to his chest and promised that “there will not be a jersey with an NFL patch here.” He said he was excited to move on and “take on new challenges,” because “life is grand, life is exciting.” Then, without taking questions, Plummer bid goodbye and walked down the hall to play a doubles handball match with his brother Eric.

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