jasmine rayJasmine Ray is an entrepreneur. She transformed what was once regarded as a ‘street sport’ to a game now being considered for the Olympic stage. The U.S. Wall Ball Association Inc., founded by Ray in 2010 utilizes the sport of handball to develop champions in life and in sport, and provides a platform for the communities they serve to excel academically, professionally and socially. She was inspired to create the organization after the tragic death of her teenage Brother, Jonathan Ray.

Jasmine spearheaded a program which integrates the free and accessible sport with incentives to encourage underserved communities to stay in school, embrace healthy lifestyles and pursue alternatives to drug use and violent behavior. She has been a volunteer martial arts Instructor for over 10 years, was a former Universal Records recording artist and an avid marathon runner. Amidst her organizations gaining popularity Jasmine has been a sought after public speaker, received a number of accolades in addition to being recognized as one of Brooklyn’s Top Women in Business, El Diario’s Most Influential Latinas (Mujeres Destacadas) in New York City, NY1 news’ “New Yorker of the Week” and CNN’s “Woman of the Week.”

Email: jasmine@wallballworld.com