Raised in Brooklyn, NY, 20-Year-Old Dan Pitre thrives on the competitiveness and humbleness of his surroundings. Without much interest for the sport, Dan couldn’t find the will to play until five years ago, in 2012, when he picked up a wallball and fell in love with the sport. He found himself in front of concrete walls in the West 4th Street courts and Martinez Playground almost every day of the week. After a year of playing, Rookie, who is one of the most famed wall ball players in New York, soon started to train Dan by encouraging him to play in the toughest games so he could learn how to handle the pressure which proved helpful during his biggest challenges.

Dan’s greatest accomplishments playing wallball so far have been being crowned as Prince of the Court in 2017, placing top 8 in the 2017 Pro Red Bull Slaps Tournament, placing top 8 in 2018 King of the Courts and being MVP of 2019’s Battle of the Gladiators Tournament. But Dan isn’t going to stop there. Dan wants to continue to strive by focusing on his shot selection, increasing speed and aggression while playing competitively. Dan’s future goals as being an ambassador is Wallball is to become King of the Court and help teach kids how to play the sport.