The United States Wall Ball Association is an organization specific to the sport of “Big Blue” 1-wall, Wall ball. The following will only pertain to this version of the sport:

2014 Wall Ball event schedule – 

January 4th – Men’s Open Doubles – Hosted By: Wall Ball / Location: Guz Indoor Sports Club

February 22nd – “Prep for Success” 19 and under Tournament – Hosted By: The U.S.W.A. / Location: Guz Indoor Sports Club

June 5th – Brooklyn Day Pro Exhibition & Clinic – Hosted By: The Wall Ball, The BK Nets & NY Islanders / Location: Pier 2 Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY, USA

August 23rd – The 3rd Annual Junior “Back to School” Wall Ball Tournament – Hosted By: Wall Ball / Location: Baisley Park

September 20th – Junior Doubles – Hosted By: Wall Ball / Location: Liberty Park, Queens NY

September 21st – Pro Team Event – Hosted By: Wall Ball / Location: St. John’s Park, Brooklyn, NY

November 14th – City University of New York – FREE Open Doubles Event (C.U.N.Y. students only) Hosted By: Wall Ball / The College of Staten Island-Staten Island, NY

December 6th – GUZ vs ZEREGA 3 – Hosted By: Wall Ball / Location: Guz Indoor Sports Club

December 21st – 3rd Annual Junior Christmas Tournament – Hosted By: The U.S.W.A. / Location: Guz Indoor Sports Club

*USWA sanctioned event – points awarded

**All indoor events will be held at Guz Indoor Sports Club – 1618 Weirfield St., Ridgewood, NY 11385 unless otherwise stated**

***All dates, locations and events are subject to change***


Rankings – Click here for the EAST COAST 1-WALL Leaderboard

Rank is awarded to those who place 1st-8th in all sanctioned U.S.W.A. Big Ball 1-Wall Events. The point system is as follows:

1st Place – 8pts

2nd Place – 7 pts

3rd Place – 6 pts

4th Place – 5 pts

5th Place – 4pts

6th Place – 3pts

7th Place – 2pts

8th Place – 1pt

**Bonus points will be awarded to any “B” player that defeats an “A” player in a singles match*Doubles events will be calculated on a percentage basis at the end of the season



The United States Wall Ball Association Inc.Membership Info: For membership info please contact us at: or see us in person at Guz Indoor Sports Club, 16-18 Weirfield St., Ridgewood NY 11385, USA

Official Rules – Click here for The Official Rules of The United States Wall Ball Association Inc.



For almost every association in existence today, there was a defining moment when a group of people banded together for a common purpose or interest and decided that they would make a change for the better of society. For us, that common purpose is the enrichment and advancement of our community through the sport of Big Blue Handball.

We are proud to introduce to you The United States Wall Ball Association!

The USWA is a non-profit organization made up of individuals and existing handball organizations that have united to assist in the development and advancement of big blue handball and simultaneously inspire our community with a core focus in health and wellness. The term “wall ball” was created to define what we know of as Irish/American handball. As you may know, there is currently a sport recognized in the Olympics as the sport of handball, but is played completely different from what we know of as big blue handball. In addition, there are many variations to our sport which include one-wall, three-wall, four-wall, small ball, pump ball, black ball, and big blue handball. Therefore, to avoid confusion with the Olympic sport of team handball, the term “wall ball” will be used to describe the various versions of our sport which utilize nothing more than your hands, a ball and a wall to execute.

The United States Wall Ball Association is most dedicated to meeting the needs of our members, supporters, players, youth and community. If you have any questions, concerns, comments and/or suggestions please email us at:

If you would like to volunteer for any of our events please send your information to:

We accept and appreciate all donations and sponsorship. If you would like more information on sponsoring one of our events please email us at

Please join us to celebrate the uniting of the longest existing handball organizations in NYC! Our mission for the sport of wall ball, our community and especially our youth is the ongoing pursuit of integrity, loyalty, pride, courage, fairness, self discipline, good sportsmanship, personal responsibility, leadership, respect and most of all UNITY. We want YOU – our members, participants and supporters to know that you have a voice and your opinions and commitment are appreciated and valued.

Please direct all questions and/or comments to

We thank you in advance for your support!


The United States Wall Ball Association Inc.

The U.S.W.A. Board of Directors:

Wall Ball World LLC – Jasmine Ray