This week we’d like to reintroduce Japan Wall ball!

Wall-Handball was first introduced to Japan in 1927 as a result of the
establishment of the first handball court within the country at the Tokyo YMCA located
in Kanda. Since then, for a long time only because of the dedicated players within the
YMCA games were continuously played until the present day. In 2008 Eoin Kennedy
of Ireland and Emmett Peixoto of the USA were invited to Japan for the 80th year
anniversary of handball in Japan and played an exhibition match for all to enjoy.
Recently, sports clubs throughout Tokyo have started to see an increase in handball
enthusiasts. In 1989 the Japan Wall-Handball Association (JWHA) was established,
and the head office is located at the Tokyo YMCA Toyocho Wellness Center.
Players within Japan are very excited to meet and play with other players from
around the world, so if you ever find yourself in Tokyo on business or vacation, please
look forward to meeting Japanese players and playing handball in Japan.


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